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Prayer for Fellowship's Long-Term Missionaries

Cary and Rita Sills: Guatemala

Thank you so much for your prayer support in God's mission here in Guatemala. We are greatly humbled and excited to see what God will do with the prayers being sent in His name for His kingdom. Reaching the lost, the poor, and the hungry by giving, helping, feeding, and serving we know will bring glory to God. We know God loves the people of Guatemala but sometimes it reminds us of the worshipers in the Old Testament. There is so much idol worship, involvement in cults, and political corruption in this country. The priests or Mayan leaders tell the people what they should know about the gods and their daily prayers. The people of Guatemala are lost, but not only lost, they have no hope. They struggle each day to feed their children.

They are aware, for the most part, of the Word of God but are not encouraged in their churches to study or even read the Word. Please pray that God will touch the work here in Guatemala and that a seed will be planted in these loving but lost people.

Please continue to pray that they will come to know Jesus as the ONLY way, that they don't need to pray to Mary or all the other apostles in order to reach Jesus faster or for different reasons of prayer.

Please pray for us. That He will give us strength and the ability to reflect Jesus in the things we do. Also that our water problem here at the house will be fixed. The authorities turn off the water where we live usually 3-4 days a week from 9:00am to 9:00 pm. We can live with this but it is just another challenge from the life we lived in the states.

If it is possible, we would greatly appreciate if the church could collect a few things for the people of Guatemala.

  1. Oriental Trading online has inexpensive colorful necklaces or rings, they look cheap in value but the ladies at the surgery clinic love them. More importantly, we tell them after their surgery, for every lap around the recovery room, they can receive a necklace or a ring. They really need to get up and walk after their surgery to relieve the gas pain they feel and to help in their healing. You would be amazed at how eager they are to receive and necklace or ring.
  2. Hotel samples/travel size personal items. These are to give to each patient after surgery for when they go home) Shampoos, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, razors, and deodorant.

Thank you so much for your loving prayers and support. You can see on the blog what has taken place, but just this last week we spent one day delivering the materials for 4 house builds, we built 2 of the houses and another team built the other two on the sides of the mountains. We worked at the feeding center two days last week as well as doing translation for a group delivering food baskets to the poorest of poor in the village of Pastores. We are pretty tired this week but ended up building 2 more houses, feeding center, and water filter distributions. We get tired but God seems to give us just the right amount of rest and spiritual renewal each weekend to start again the next week.

Again, thank you so much for all you and the church does for Guatemala.

Sills Update - December 2017

*To learn the most up to date prayer requests and how the Lord is working through the Sills in Guatemala, please visit their blog:http://caryandritasills.blogspot.com/

Ashli Roussel: Burkina Faso West Africa

Prayer Requests for Spring of 2015

  • Pray for me to begin to build lasting relationships
  • Pray for God to introduce me to people who do not yet know him
  • Pray for me to adjust to a new routine and way of doing things here in Burkina Faso(life in the village is way different from city life. Village life is slow, city life is busy and involved...usually I prefer to be busy and involved, so I need prayers for my heart to find joy in the simple, quiet, slow days of Burkina Faso where I won't be so busy, busy, busy all the time)
  • Pray for me to find my place and be able to serve in the way that God wants me to serve
  • Pray for me to have consistent relational time with Jesus every day
  • Pray for me as I seek to live a spirit-led life (as opposed to the schedule-led life that I am so used to) where I don't have a to-do list each day, but rather am asking the spirit every day to show me where to go, what to do, who to talk to, who to reach out to.
  • Pray for boldness and confidence in speaking French (for me to not be timid or compare myself to others, but just use what God has given me with joy!)
  • Pray for opportunities for our team to love people and share Jesus with them

Coleman Yoakum: Pontiac, Mi

Prayer Requests for Spring/Summer 2015

  • Please pray that all things happen in God's timing. We want so badly for so much to happen tomorrow: open the store, develop a vibrant youth program, start our other small businesses in order to offer folks jobs, see our team expand to twenty active participants. But we know that it hasn't happened yet because it isn't time for it to. So, please pray that we continue to live in God's timing for our ministry.
  • Please also pray that our growth is God's growth. We are adding 5 team mates in 2015 and that is exciting for us, but we want to grow in a way that strengthens our ministry in the best ways.
  • Finally, please pray that God would continue to do great works in the lives of those we are ministering to. We love seeing housing come through, folks accepting Christ and going to rehab to get clean. We are seeing families reunite and people find a new love for life on earth.


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