Guatemala: Cary and Rita Sills

Fellowship is blessed to financially and prayerfully support Cary and Rita Sills in the work the Lord is doing through them in Guatemala. To learn more about how the Lord led the Sills to Guatemala, the work He is doing through them, and how you can also join their support team through prayer and finances please read their story below:

The Sills Journey in Becoming Missionaries

I worked at Harding Academy and Cary was a systems programmer. We had been going each summer to mission areas in Mexico but felt called to move into long term missionary work. It wasn't a retirement because we still needed and wanted to work but felt God's pull more each day to missions as a response to our prayers. After getting the opportunity to go on a medical mission trip to Guatemala, we felt God leading us to come to Guatemala to do whatever He placed in our path.

The Work the Sills are Doing in Guatemala

Give and Pray Cary and Rita2Guatemala is a country with tremendous poverty with regards to wealth and, more specifically, spiritually to the Word of God. We volunteer with a wonderful medical mission organization one week a month. We assist doctors and nurses that come from all over the United States to perform surgeries ranging from hernia repair, hysterectomies, cleft palates, cataracts, lesions and much more. Usually a week consists of between 60 and 80 surgeries. Cary helps in the sterilization of surgical instruments and I help in recovery with translation and comforting. The other three weeks of the month we volunteer with a local church which has teams coming from the United States to build homes in the very, very poor areas in and around the Panchoy Valley in Guatemala. Many of those families we help live in bamboo homes or collected refuse that can be bound together with string or rope. Their lives do not include electricity nor running water in most cases. In addition, we distribute water filters, which is tremendously needed in this area where the water is used for bathing, washing clothes, as well as drinking all from the same river.

In addition to helping the teams build homes and distribute water filters, we also serve meals at a children's feeding center on Wednesday and Friday. The center is supported by a church in the United States as far as food is concerned but is in need of help for the distribution. We normally feed between 450 – 500 children each day. Many of these children will only get this meal for the day, there will be no other food at home. They walk a long distance to get a warm meal of boiled eggs, rice, beans, and tortillas and are very thankful when they receive it.

To get an even greater picture of the work the Lord is doing and the people whose lives are being impacted, please take 5 minutes to view this video.

Missionary Update - Cary and Rita Sills - December 2017

How to Become a Prayer and Financial Supporter

We would love for you to be a prayer and financial supporter of this ministry. We humbly request your help, if God leads you, to support the ministry on a monthly basis with prayers and a donation. This is a big step for us in that we have never asked for support before and have always paid our own way. God has really been laying on our hearts that there are others out there that would love to help further His ministry but are not able at this time to leave everything behind and go into the field. We have been studying how the disciples and Paul were supported throughout their ministry and know God provides help from those at home to those who go.

We ask that you consider participating in the following:

  • Being a Prayer Partner
  • Making Monthly Donations
  • Giving a Yearly Donation

Any support that is received above our regular monthly expenses will be used directly in support of the following:

    • Doctors appointments and surgeries for children with cleft palate
    • Mammograms and screenings for those who cannot afford the procedure
    • Distribution of clean water filters
    • House builds

If you are able to support us financially, great, we humbly welcome the financial support. If you are willing to support us prayerfully, praise God, we relish in the blessings as a result of prayers from His faithful people.

Any donations can be made by one of two methods:

      • A donation made out to “Fellowship Bible Church” with the words “Guatemala Missions” written in the Memo line. Please send these donations to:
        Fellowship Bible Church
        1921 West Beebe Capps Expressway, P.O. Box 35
        Searcy, AR 72145
      • A donation sent to Cary and Rita Sills at
        1560 W. Beebe Capps Expwy
        Suite C-171
        Searcy, AR 72143

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the ministries here in Guatemala, we can be reached by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our U.S. phone is 501-593-4424.

Give and Pray Cary and Rita1

Cary and Rita Sills

(written by Rita Sills in February of 2015)

*If you would like to follow how the Lord is working through the Sills in Guatemala, please visit their blog by clicking here.


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