Orphan Care

Orphan Care

Canaan Connect Families

Care Canaan Connect2Canaan Christian Community is located in Montrouis, Haiti and is home to 70+ children that either do not have parents or for various reasons their own parents are no longer able to care for them.

Each of the 70 children at Canaan have been connected with a family at Fellowship that is committed to praying for their child throughout the year. Every Christmas one of our short-term teams throws a Christmas party for the children at Canaan which includes new backpacks for each child filled with items such as tennis shoes, clothes, candy, and a toy from their Fellowship Connect Family. The backpacks also include letters and pictures from each of the families to their Connect Child. It is wonderful to see the children light up with excitement over their new treasures but and even greater joy to see how excited they are about the letters and pictures from their Connect families. Some children even refuse to open the gifts until they have read their letters! The children will then send letters back with the team to their families!

Each year we learn of new children that have moved to Canaan that are in need of a Connect Family. If you are interested in becoming a Canaan Connect Family, please contact Shannon.

Rice Bowls

Care Rice Bowls3As we have sought out opportunities to take an active role in alleviating the worldwide orphan epidemic, God has blessed us to connect with a wonderful ministry called Rice Bowls. Rice Bowls is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide food for orphans in the name of Christ. They have been helping orphans around the world since 1980. They are presently partnered with 52 Christian orphanages around the world and use the simple idea of a plastic rice bowl to turn pocket change into food for orphaned children. Since it’s inception, Rice Bowls has raised tens of millions of dollars to alleviate world hunger!

On New Year’s Day, we launch our Rice Bowls campaign where we encourage every person in our church to think through how they could creatively fill their plastic rice bowl with change. When a rice bowl is full, it will have around thirty dollars in it, which will feed one orphaned child for one month! Each of the three years that we participated in the Rice Bowls campaign, God has raised up $5,000 a year through our church which to date has provided 60,000 meals for orphaned children living in some of the most impoverished areas in the world!

Since these little bowls are used in such wonderful ways for God’s Kingdom, we do not see them as merely plastic bowls, but rather “super bowls”! Therefore to end our campaign we gather together for a time of fellowship by having a Super Bowl Party and break open all of the bowls during halftime! To learn more about Rice Bowls, and how to be involved, please visit their webpage.   


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